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Hi! And welcome to, a thorough compilation of some of the best hentai or anime porn websites. Just like the name says, ours is the website where you can uncover anything about hentai and discover what are the best websites to find what you are looking for. Let's start with a bit of info you can use to show off to your weebo friends. You might think that hentai means anime porno or manga pornography or Pokemon porn or whatever. I'm sorry to say this, but you are sort of wrong. It does stand for all that stuff but that's not what it means. In Japanese, hentai means “sexual perversion”. Just like your desire to see Tsunade getting pounded by Gamabunta. And for that, you have come to the right place, by the way. But more on that later. So hentai doesn't mean what you think it means. Big whoop, actually. You and me and all the other non-Japanese people out there are still going to use it as a substitute for anime porn. Now, if you want to be a man or woman of culture and the winner of the Biggest Weebo Award, you should learn and use the proper terminology for pornographic anime categories and genres. For example, say futanari instead of tranny hentai and you'll come across as a connoisseur and maybe even impress people. Probably not girls, but you don't like them real girls anyway. They're not as glossy and juicy as those anime toons.

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