Gelbooru is a hentai image board that contains a wealth of anime porn images. The website has a complex tag system that allows users to look for very specific pictures. The front page offers a minimalist experience. It contains a search bar and a couple of menu options that provide access to the entire image collection, wiki, forum, and account. An image on Gelbooru has dozens of tags. Practically, every detail of that picture is a tag. If the character is wearing accessories, has a certain hairstyle, and such, then all these details are captured with tags. The wiki contains all the tag descriptions so if you are unsure what a tag means you can just click on the ? sign in front of it to open the wiki entry. The associated wiki entry will also list all other tags that are based on the parent tag. For example, for the gloves tag, the wiki will list tags such as blue_gloves, archery_gloves, and more.

Gelbooru visitors can combine tags using the + sign. This allows for very specific searches. The – sign is used to leave out images that contain a tag that does not interest you. Unregistered visitors can view all images on the website. Users can upload pictures, create and view private pool images, use the favorite list, and such. Pools are collections of images from a certain category. There are public pools available to unregistered visitors. Gelbooru contains a few ads per page but they are not very aggressive. Provided visitors get used to the tag system, the website a great source of hentai images.

User Reviews

  Gelbooru is an image board hentai website that hosts a very large collection of pictures. You don't know what an image board is? It's a website with pictures. For instance, 4chan is an image board. The first image boards originated in Japan. Just like hentai, what do you know. Image board also means that there are no videos on this website. From the get-go you'll notice that the website has an uncommon layout. Visitors are greeted by a simple home page whose main focus is a search bar. There is a menu bar with options such as posts, comments,…

Features: - 96%
Contant Quality: - 91%
Site Speed: - 95%



Gelbooru is a huge image board hentai website that allows users to search through lots of hentai pictures using extremely specific tags.

User Rating: 4.91 ( 5 votes)