Here are the best sex games for anyone who craves porn and gaming at the same time:

Are you having the feeling that your favorite game could be better if it had some, or more, porn in it? Or that porn would be more enjoyable if it was somehow interactive? Then you might want to try some porn games.

Top 10 Best Adult Sex Games:

  1. NarcosXXX (*read full review)
  2. Free Adult Games
  3. Grand Fuck Auto (*read full review)
  4. SexEmulator
  5. Game of Whores (*read full review)
  6. Assassin’s Seed Orgies
  7. XXXCharted
  8. Fap Titans
  9. Red Bed Seduction
  10. Chathouse 3D
If you don’t know where to start, we got you covered with out porn games reviews.

Narcos XXX

(NarcosXXX website)

Remove the porn suffix and you’ll get the name of the TV series NarcosXXX is based on. This game is a shooter with a few character creating options. You get to play as Pablo, Valeria, or Horatio. Each character supports customization and, as you would expect from a sex game, Valeria’s abilities depend on the size of her butt and boobs. The shooter action is simplistic. Your aim and twitch reflexes aren’t really put to the test. The sex gameplay controls are also simple. You will use the mouse to move left or right. If you are playing on mobile, you will have to swipe. The game graphics are not too shabby. All in all, Narcos XXX is a good mix of porn and casual gaming.

(read : Narcos XXX - (Full Game Review)

Pros: character customization, shooter action.
Cons: casual gameplay.

Free Adult Games

(FreeAdultGames website)

If you don’t have a certain genre or franchise in mind, Free Adult Games is the best place to browse hundreds of adult sex games of different genres. You have the usual porn parodies, such as Gotham Sluts and Call of Booty, based on famous games and TV series. There are many games to choose from so you’re guaranteed to find one that’ll get your attention. The gameplay varies from simplistic to decently challenging. Some games have awesome graphics, some have good graphics, and others will hurt your eyes. You know how it is with these portals. Sub-standard content always finds a way.

Pros: hundreds of adult sex games of varying genres, new games are added on a regular basis.
Cons: most titles have very simple gameplay.

Grand Fuck Auto

(GrandFuckAuto website)

It’s based on GTA and it plays in a similar manner. You have the option to follow the story and complete missions or roam around the city looking for adventure. Players will be asked to make some choices such as difficulty and game mode (erotic, hardcore, or extreme). The featured sex scenes depend on the selected game mode. GFA is a free game with a not so affordable premium subscription. It costs $19.99 to unlock VIP status that comes with the possibility to have sex with other players. The VIP membership is not limited to GFA only. You also gain access to other porn websites operated by the same company.

(read : Grand Fuck Auto (Full Game Review)

Pros: nice gameplay based on the original GTA, good graphics.
Cons: expensive premium membership.


(SexEmulator website)

If you’re looking for a hardcore sex simulator game, then 3D SexEmulator has what you seek. The player can create, customize, and control multiple avatars. Sex coins are the in-game currency. You will earn them by playing the game and spend them to unlock more content. There are different ways to play the game, including a story mode. The game features a myriad of sex positions and moves. SexEmulator allows you to have virtual sex in all sorts of locations such as barns, ruins, space ships, pools, and more.

Pros: lots of content and diverse action, varied game modes.
Cons: limited number of tokens per hour.


Game of Whores

(GameofWhores website)

Game of Thrones may be over but you can forever stay in Westeros thanks to Game of Whores – Winter is Cumming aka (The Game of Bone, Game of Moans). Although the HBO series doesn’t shy away from sex scenes, it doesn’t even come close to what you’ll see in this game. As the game starts, you will be required to make some choices. Do you want to play a male or a female? Do you prefer action or strategy? Are you a hardcore gamer or do you want to keep things casual? The gameplay will adapt based on your answers but let’s be real. You’re not here for GotY like gameplay, you’re here to see GoT characters having sex. Game of Whores – Winter is Cumming has you covered.

read : Game of Whores - (Full Game Review)

Pros: adaptive gameplay, nice graphics and sex scenes.
Cons: ads may ruin the experience.


Assassin’s Seed Orgies

(AssassinsSeedOrgies website)

It doesn’t take a Ph.D. degree to figure out which game was the inspiration for Assassin’s Seed Orgies. Don’t expect too much in terms of gameplay but, if you want to see some CGI porn action set in ancient Egypt then you are in the right place. The game features characters and scenery from Assassin’s Creed Origin. The graphic designers have actually put a lot of work into creating the world of Assassin’s Seed. The graphics look amazing and the details are impressive for a game of this type. Sex scenes play really well. You will be able to play with different characters and make choices regarding the sex positions and finisher moves. The story isn’t too developed and there’s even an option to switch it off.

Pros: amazing 3D graphics with detailed scenes, you can disable the story.
Cons: practically non-existent gameplay.


(XXXCharted website)

Is this a porn version of Uncharted? Sort of, kinda. Just like Assassin’s Seed Orgies, XXXCharted makes up in graphics what it lacks in gameplay. The graphics are almost expertly done. We can see the amount of work that went into creating the shadows, details, and lighting. Someone really took their time here. The switch cams feature is really great. The gameplay is not much but there are some free videos that make up for the missing action. The player follows a predefined path to unlock sex scenes. There’s some story behind the game but don’t count on getting lost in it. The developers know what the player base is mainly after, so there’s an option to switch off the story mode.

Pros: great graphics, switch cams feature, the game is available on PC and mobile.
Cons: minimal gameplay.

Fap Titans

(FapTitans website)

Come for the porn, stay for the gameplay. Fap Titans has surprisingly nice gameplay. This team-management clicker game can be pretty addictive and entertaining. You will unlock characters and organize them into teams based on certain criteria. Fap Titans has lots of levels to complete. The rewards include sex scenes. There’s a bit of a story behind the game. Monsters are invading the Fap Land. Naked girls are the only ones who can defeat them. In times of war, armor is more important than underwear which is something most characters are lacking. Fap Titans is a free game with microtransactions.

Pros: fun and casual gameplay, lots of content.

Cons: slow progress as a free player.

Red Bed Seduction

(RedBedSeduction website)

What better mix than western action and porn? Red Bed Seduction takes inspiration from the Red Dead series developed by Rockstar Studios. As you will play the game, you’ll discover its humorous side. The game is a parody and it shows. Gameplay wise, Red Bed Redemption is one of the best porn games available. It has an interesting story and plenty of action. The player is actively involved in the story rather than being just a spectator like in most games of this kind. The graphics are good as well.

Pros: well-thought gameplay, nice graphics
Cons: casual gameplay.

Chathouse 3D

(Chathouse3D website)

Chathouse 3D is a virtual world that allows you to create a character, to customize it, to interact with other players, and to have sex with them. Think of it as a straightforward Second Life. The character customization system has lots of options so you can design the avatar of your dreams. You have access to several community features and chat rooms. The game hosts seasonal events such as Egghunt Villa. Graphics are decent but not amazing. Chathouse 3D is a free game but many features are locked behind paywalls.

Pros: interactive sex scenes, character customization, game events.
Cons: too many premium options.

Other Adult Games

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  • The Invincible IronCock
  • Zombie Heat
  • BatBalls: Hard Knight Rises
  • Strip Poker
  • Ms. Pac Whore
  • Titris
  • Raging Green Destroyer
  • XXX-Men: Mutant Orgy
  • Spidey Web Bang
  • SuperPimp Sweep Up
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